About this Website

This site is a description of developments in the Technology Revolution. It looks at various aspects of the Technology Revolution and the books that Peter Farwell has authored or coauthored. It contains leads to five different publications.

The five areas covered are as follows:

Artificial Intelligence

The efforts to create machines that can perform human tasks such as driving a car, managing a stock portfolio, or developing new treatments for illnesses.

The Personal Computer

The development and history of the machine that is at the core of the technology revolution.

The History of IBM

IBM was the dominant player in the early days of the technology revolution, under the leadership of the two Thomas Watsons, but which stumbled badly at two different times and lost its leadership of the Technology Industry.

The Story of RIM

Research-in-Motion (now Blackberry) introduced the smartphone and had almost a decade on its own until Apple introduced the iPad in 2007 and swept away RIM’s leadership position.

Philosophical Underpinnings

The philosophical underpinnings of the technology revolution.

About the Author

Peter Farwell is the author or coauthor of several books on technology subjects. The subjects and leads to the books are spelled out on this website. The website also includes Current Developments in the selected topic areas, as well as blogs on these subjects.

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